Is it really a bargain when you get half of the job?

The state of Michigan bars most duct cleaning companies from doing a complete job.

Why? They aren’t licensed to clean the heart of the system – the furnace and air conditioner. Only trained technicians and licensed contractors are legally allowed to work on the inside of your furnace.

We’re talking about the system which feeds heating and cooling through your ductwork. Dust accumulates throughout, affecting efficiency and energy usage as it increases over time on the internal mechanical components. A small layer of dust and dirt will decrease the air being moved throughout your home, requiring the furnace to run longer and more often – while circulating that dirt throughout your home.

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When ignored, the air conditioning evaporator is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This is only accessible from the inside of the furnace.

  • Catherine, Mason
    Our technician was prompt, neat and thoroughly explained what the issue with our furnace was. We understood what he replaced, and he went over all the points that were checked as well. I would HIGHLY recommend Aire Serv, you won't be disappointed!
    Catherine, Mason